Explore the Baring Head area - there's a lighthouse to check out, fantastic views of the Kaikoura Ranges, bunkers from World War Two, and even some climbing rocks to practice your bouldering skills on. 

Green trails are suitable for most riders at most times, orange trails are slightly more technical (less confident riders may wish to walk their bikes at times), and the red trail is very steep and slippery (experts or walkers only).

Please note that the section of trail between the SS Paiaka and Baring Head, crosses private land. Cyclists have been kindly allowed to pass through here by the land owners - please reciprocate by sticking to the trails, leaving all gates as you found them, and taking all rubbish with you.

To see your location on the below map and follow your progress in real time, simply click on the “four corners” icon on the top right of the header. This will open the map in Google Maps (provided you have the Google Maps app loaded onto your phone).



Composition  hard-packed grass / farmland 80%, soft sand 10%, hard packed gravel 10%
Highest Point 161m (WWII Bunkers)
Lowest Point 2m
Net Gain depends on route


Bike any basic mountain bike with front suspension will be fine.
Tyres off-road, width > 2.0". Always take a pump and a spare tube so that you can vary the tyre pressure to suit the conditions, and be covered in case of puncture. 
Clothing dress to the conditions (usually shorts and tshirt with a jersey in reserve, though you may wish to take thermals as well), and always take a light jacket. Closed shoes recommended.


Cellphones intermittent coverage with all providers
Toilets no toilets in the area
Food no food after you leave The Bike Shed
Water no water after you leave The Bike Shed


Climbing Boulders 
WWII Bunkers
Historic Pump Shed