Turn your cycle trip into an epic adventure around the wild coast, by adding on a section of The Remutaka Cycle Trail! We've seen seals, dolphins, and orca along this coast - it truly is a remote and beautiful part of the country. 

You can either do a return trip (high fitness levels and an early start required!) or we can pick you up from Ocean Beach if you only wish to go one-way (bookings essential!) 

Note the section of trail between Barney's Hut and the Green Iron Gate can become difficult after extreme swells or flooding - you may have to get off and walk your bike from time to time during this section.




Barney's Hut  4km
Green Iron Gate  8km
Corner Creek  15km
Ocean Beach  18km


Composition  hard packed gravel 85%,  light sand / gravel mix 5%,  unrideable sand 5%,  unrideable scree / shingle 5%
Highest Point 37m
Lowest Point 3m
Net Gain n/a

Bike any reliable mountain bike with front suspension should be fine, provided that you have appropriate tyres (as below).  Always take a pump and spare tube.
Tyres > 2.0" wide, off-road tread, set at a low to medium pressure (helps with soft sections and to smooth the bumps)
Clothing dress to the conditions (usually shorts and tshirt with a jersey in reserve), and always take a light jacket. Closed shoes recommended.


Cellphones no service at all,  ensure you've communicated your plans before you leave,  and ideally take an emergency beacon / gps tracker with you.
Toilets there's a toilet in the Cross Creek campground; after that there's nothing until you get shuttled back into town or ride right back around the coast into Eastbourne.
Food no shops at all on this section, make sure you take your own snacks when you leave your accommodation.
Water there's a rainwater tank at Cross Creek, after that there's nothing until you get shuttled back into town or ride right back around the coast into Eastbourne.